Corporate Belief in Humanity.

Fanatical Change Foundation is not a government-funded agency. We are a group of passionate individuals who understand as a group, we can quickly make substantial changes in the lives of those in need, hence the name Fanatical Change. We rely, to a great degree, on support from organizations like yours to make this possible.

We hope you will consider joining Fanatical Change Foundation and helping us to change lives. You will be part of the purest humanitarian movement in the world—one that reaches into your home community at the moment of need.

Unprecedented success in restoring charitable giving has presented the Fanatical Change Foundation enormous opportunities for growth. The promise to sponsors is that every dollar donated is a dollar received by families in need. Maintaining this promise, and restoring the intimacy of charitable giving on a substantially larger scale, reveals the need for an Administrative Sponsor for operational expenses needed to grow.  The Foundation is seeking a respected pillar of the business community to be that sponsor.


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