We help victims with immediate needs, immediately.


The Fanatical Change Way

Since 2008 The Fanatical Change Foundation has been restoring the intimacy and transparency in charity™. What is especially remarkable about the Fanatical Change Foundation is that it functions with absolutely no overhead. Every dollar donated goes directly to a family that suffered a tragedy. This fact is confirmed on the foundation’s website, which posts the total amount of money raised and what the money provides for each family.

The foundation “Thrills Them with Kindness” by giving immediate financial aid (such as gift cards for essential supplies) to families who have just suffered a life-altering tragedy like a sudden death in their family or house fire. The foundation finds families who suffered a tragedy on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, and then there is an event on Thursday to raise money for them. Then the money raised is delivered, in the form of goods and services, on Friday.

Taking a step back from this, you quickly realize that a family might have lost a loved one to a car accident on Wednesday, and the foundation will visit them on Friday with a group of volunteers. We simply knock on their door and say something to the effect of ‘We are from the Fanatical Change Foundation, and last night we held a benefit in your honor. We wanted to let you know that you are not alone.” The families are shocked to learn that there is “no hidden agenda” and that “people do care”.

How the Foundation Works

The foundation raises money through corporate donations, entrance fees to the events, and silent auctions. A special Selection Committee monitors the major news stations, newspapers, and police departments the Monday of the week of the event looking for families that could be recipients of the foundation. The volunteers on the Selection Committee review the candidates to ensure the tragedies they suffered were through no fault of their own or have assistance from their own resources or outside assistance, and they present the final list to the board. The board then votes, typically on Wednesday, on which families will be the benefactors of the event occurring in the next few days. Attendees and donors at the events are provided a brief write-up of each family’s story so they know when they walk through the door where their money is going. The donors can then watch video of the recipients receiving their funds on the foundation’s website just a few days later.

The Fanatical Change Difference

Fanatical Change is unique because there is have no overhead, no salaries, no fluff paid by any of the donors money. When you donate a $1 we donate a $1. Every dollar received will go to a family that suffered a tragedy and the donor can visit the foundation’s website to see how much money was raised, what each family received with their money, and video/pictures of the volunteers giving the families goods and services provided with that money. The foundation plans events months in advance to help families that “will” suffer a life-altering tragedy the week of the event, but the tragedy hasn’t occurred during the planning process. The tragedy could be anyone… a friend, a neighbor, a family member. “We can’t prevent every accident, but we can be there when it really counts to do our part to right the wrong as best we can,” says Juan Cuevas a foundation co-founder.


Our Core Functions

Tragedy Relief


When a tragedy or sudden catastrophe strikes a family, Fanatical Change Foundation stands in the gap – immediately – to meet the needs of the victims. Fanatical Change’s main goal is to meet the immediate needs of any victim by supplying monetary gifts for food, shelter, clothes, and even funeral arrangements. 

Relief Education

Computer and Book

Fanatical Change is continuously aligning itself as a resource to the families and loved ones of unexpected misfortune. Fanatical Change provides comfort and care by educating victims of grief and trauma resources, additional financial resources, and community-based care to further assist them.


Help a family when they need you most. Now.