We are truly humbled by witnessing peers’ and the community’s sacrifice and commitment to our cause. The world has changed today for 7 families as a result of our combined efforts and the generosity of over 1,000 Houstonians. We hope you will always be part of this unimaginable act of generosity. Together we have now helped 90 families to date. Our lives are forever changed.

Fanatical Change is completely grateful for everyone who has been here to support our mission.

Keep the change!

Zander Supkow

October 26 – 4-year-old Zander on the way to go to Old McDonald’s farm to celebrate his birthday. They were making a left turn when a speeding motorcyclist didn’t see them turning and slammed into the right rear of their SUV. The force of the impact projected the helmeted motorcyclist through the window right where Zander was strapped to his car seat. Zander was rushed to the hospital but died on Tuesday. Zander leaves behind his mother, his little brother and his brand new baby sister. This inconsolable family is facing not only the unimaginable loss of a child, but crippling funeral expenses and medical bills.

Houston would not let his heart-broken family be devastated financially as well. We made a Fanatical Change possible for this family.

James Biddison

October 25 -Sunday night James was working along in his auto-restoration shop when a fire broke out. Fortunately, the brave fire crews found James and pulled him out of the burning building. James is recovering from significant burns on his face and head. To make matters worse, the building and everything in it was a complete loss. One exterior wall fell on the cars in the lot, crushing them. Having no insurance, James will be struggling mightily to start over.

Because of your generosity, we  helped with unexpected expenses and gave this hard-working man a leg up as he rebuilds his livelihood.

Kimberly Perez

October 24– At 5:00 PM, Kimberly was driving with her 2 daughters in the car. The car malfunctioned, Kimberly lost control of the car, and it crashed. We lost Kimberly, but the little girls (2-year-old and 8 months) are OK and with their grandmother. Help is needed for funeral expenses and future care of the girls.

Your benevolence helped deliver relief to this grief-stricken family.

Phyllis Franklin

October 25– Phyllis Franklin (66) lived with her disabled daughter and 20-year-old granddaughter. The daughter had just been admitted to ICU for pneumonia and Phyllis left the condo to be with her. She no sooner got to the hospital than the granddaughter frantically called saying there was smoke in the hall and that the wall across the hall was turning black. Phyllis told her to get out quick and that she was on her way. The granddaughter was safe, but they lost EVERYTHING including pets. Fortunately the daughter is released from the hospital, but they have no idea where to go.

With your generosity, we  made a truly Fanatical Change for this family and helped them with living expenses, clothes, and a new start.

Deborah Harris

October 25– The baby of her family, 65-year-old Deborah was always a bit frail. With no children of her own, she lavished her attention on a dozen nieces and nephews. The family historian, she was the keeper of addresses, phone numbers, and photos. In recent years, she needed a walker and oxygen. So when the fire started at the condominium, she couldn’t get out in time and fatally succumbed to smoke-inhalation. Her loss is deeply felt by her 2 older brothers and older sister as well as a myriad of cousins, nieces, and nephews.They are so grateful that the community is thinking about them.

Thanks to you, the Change Agents™  showed Deborah’s family that Houston has a huge heart and helped with expenses and comfort for the family.

Ramiro Macedo & Paula Lopez

October 27 -Around 11:00 PM two unknown men came to the house of hard-working Ramiro Macedo. They pulled the wife outside at gunpoint, threatened Ramiro, and demanded the rest of the children come downstairs. During the course of the struggle Ramiro and 16-year-old Paula were shot. The assailants made off with some items and fled in the family’s SUV which was later found torched. Ramiro is now in ICU and Paula has undergone surgery for a gun shot wound in the hip. The wife and 2 other small children are OK but traumatized and afraid to be at home.

With your help, this remarkable city began to restore their faith and provide assistance with counseling, and help with their mounting expenses.

Karla Sanchez

October 19–30-yr old mother of 3, Karla was waiting in line at the register with her aunt and her two-year-old at their local HEB. Suddenly, an SUV slammed through the glass doors. Karla managed to get her two-year old out of the way but was hit and killed in the process. To make matters even worse, the father lost his brand new job because he missed too much work afterwards while going to the hospital to look after the injured 2-year old and aunt.

Our amazing city has a bigger heart than that. With your generosity, made a Fanatical Change for this family.

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