What occurred on October 31, 2014 was amazing. We are truly humbled by witnessing peers’ and the community’s sacrifice and commitment to our cause. The world has changed today for 6 families as a result of our combined efforts and the generosity of over 1,000 Houstonians. We hope you will always be part of this unimaginable act of generosity. Together we have now helped 83 families to date. Our lives are forever changed.

Fanatical Change is completely grateful for everyone who has been here to support our mission.

Keep the change!


Shaylynn’s relationship had become untenable because of her common-law husband Adrian’s sub- stance abuse and violence. As a result, Shaylyn was living in a shelter and their 2 young children were in foster care. Shaylynn had to borrow gas money from Adrian’s boss to go on a scheduled visitation. While there, Adrian showed up and threatened her in front of the Child Protective Services worker. As it was too late to get back into the shelter, the worker advised her to check into a nearby motel, lock herself in, and someone from CPS would come for her first thing in the morning. Unfor- tunately, it wasn’t CPS knocking on the door the morning of October 24th. Shaylynn was brutally stabbed six times and had her throat slashed. Just out of the hospital, and with a long recovery ahead of her, Shaylyn wants more than anything to be reunited with her children.

Thanks to your generosity, a Fanatical Change was made for this family.



Leslie Acuna was 18 years old and a senior in high school. She was loved by all that knew her. She was cheerful and bright and a good student with a great future. On Saturday, October 25th, she was going to meet up with friends at IHOP after the Homecoming dance at her school. This picturesque scene of Americana was shattered when she lost control of her truck, was partially ejected and instantly killed when the truck rolled over her. Unfortunately her devastated parents are without the means to pay for their beloved daughter’s funeral.

With the money raised we provided her family with the means to give Lessly a dignified funeral worthy of her short but hopeful life.


Mark Meyers was out visiting a sick friend when he received the news from his neighbor that his house was on fire. When he arrived back at his house it was completely engulfed in flames. Unfor- tunately the family pet and service dog did not survive and his son had a stroke as a result of the smoke inhalation. He was left with only the clothes on his back. Only 6 years ago he lost his home to Hurricane Ike. Mark is a pillar of his community. He does not have much but what he does have he shares. He was running a non-profit out of his house called Project Kids Foundation that helps kids with school supplies for extra curricular activities like football pads and musical instruments.

With the money raised Mark received the thanks he deserves for giving so selflessly to children. We gave him everything that he needs to get back on his feet after such a devastating loss.


Delmy was the mother of two sons, ages 12 and 14. She worked hard, saved her money, and even supported her mother in El Salvador. Finally, only a year ago, Delmy was able to bring her boys to Houston for a better life. Unfortunately, Delmy found herself trapped in an abusive relationship. Fearing for her sons’ safety, she began making plans to leave her husband of two years. Too late. The boys came home from school on Friday afternoon, October 25th, and discovered their mother shot to death. The boys are safely with Delmy’s cousin now. All this family wants is to lay Delmy to rest and care for these boys.

With your help, this remarkable city has started to restore their faith and provide assistance for funeral expenses and comfort for the family.


Yvonne Geffert was driving home on Monday October 26th after running some errands. She was turning into a gas station but unfortunately did not see the car that was traveling at a high rate of speed and was struck and killed by the car. Her oldest daughter saw the report on the news but her mother’s car was so mangled she did not recognize it. She texted all of her siblings and father to make sure that they were all ok and just minutes after receiving the text, her father heard the knock on the door and received the devastating news that his wife and mother of his children was gone forever. She is survived by her husband of 25 years and her four children.

Your generosity to Fanatical Change has sent a message to this family that they are not alone. With the money raised, Fanatical Change paid for her funeral.